by Brevbombhc

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released January 6, 2020

Mixed and Mastered by : Gustaf Uicic


all rights reserved



Brevbombhc Gothenburg, Sweden

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Track Name: Chemical Welfare
The pills that they give you are making you numb
They really love when you’re silent and dumb
Shoving pills down your throat for whatever it is
Making you receptive of their bullshit

Chemical welfare
Track Name: S.F.S.S.
You’re sick
You’re fucked
You’re shit
You’re scum

Spitting lies in my face
It’s sending shivers down my spine
Can’t you see I’m sick of it
Sick of being treated like shit
Track Name: C.O.P.
Out of the academy, into the streets
Paid off by the state
Never ending corruption, they’ll beat ‘till you’re dead
Boys in blue seeing red

Citizens On Patrol

The badge says you suck
Sworn to serve and protect
You’re just a pig in a suit
Smile face wide as you kill a minority
Yet no murder ever took place

Citizens on patrol

We’ll never forgive, we will never forget
All the fucked up crimes committed by boys in blue
Track Name: Earwig
I can feel it
It’s crawling around
I can hear it
Planting doubt in my mind

It’s fucking me up
I can’t get it out
It always comes back
Back to fuck me up

I can feel it
This fucking earwig

Leave me alone
Get out of my head
Track Name: Old Shit / New Shit
They promise you joy
But they’ll not give you shit

Ignorance is bliss

They sit on their throne
In their tower of filth

Ignorance is bliss

I’m sorry, your honor
Enough is enough
This whole system is fucked
Track Name: Kill a Nazi / Save a Life
You thought they were dead
But they’re walking again
They’re roaming the streets
Screaming about “the land of the free”

All dressed up in suits and ties
Nazi scum never seems to die
All dressed up in suits and ties
Nazi scum, die

Sharpen your pitchforks
Light up your torch

Kill a nazi
Save a life

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